La Spadarina
(estratto da AWC Gallery News – L’Aja Giugno 2004)
“Paolo Terdich. Born in Piacenza (Italy) in 1960, Paolo Terdich has been living in The Hague since 2002. He has travelled widely and has lived in various countries, including U.K. and Egypt, where he had the opportunity to experience diverse cultures and, hence, to develop and refine his art. Paolo has presented his work at various personal exhibitions and participated, with various works, in the Expo Arte Pisa 2002. Among the prizes and awards he has received are the Diploma of Honour & gold Medal Prize “Millennium Artist 2002” at the XXVIII Edition of Expo Arte Pisa, and the Diploma of Honour at ITART 2002, 4th mini-graphic and painting worldwide show (Pisa, Italy). Please come and meet the artist at his opening reception”.
(Direttrice di AWC)

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