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Janpol Portalis

Janpol PORTALIS was born in 1948 in Saint-Etienne (midFrance) where his father -ingenieur civil des Mines – met with his mother, daughter of an industrial entrepreneur.

His roots are found in an ancient family of Provence which left a few famous names all over the country. He followed a cursus of ingeneer's studies, so setting a rational mind and a pronounced taste for cutting edge technologies. In an opposite way, he was from all time fond of fairtales and reveries making him escaped from material borders to reach artistic territories with a built-in know-how that allows to get him right.

As he feels conscious that the world is quickly changing over, he never felt like being locked in academic proceedings and prefers innovate to follow as closely it can be the dynamic breakthrough of the tecnical evolution set in art.

This extreme duality might lead to a paradoxal conflict, schizophrenic inside, unreadable outside. Using it with a smart way leads to a full-flavoured mix of artistic output, which is not so figurative, nor abstract, but really both of them in the same time. The result is that the communication is not completely chaotic with members of the art show. He stays on the edge of the scenic expression of art fashion with his self made know-how as an insider of what could be the stage of to-morrow contemporary art. This singularity is not apart from the stages of art expression during the last century. Don't we find a little of cubism, futurism, dadaism, or new realism … in every artwork of his own ?

This intellectual eclectism sets him as an « artiste singulier ».

Textes et dessins sont la propriété intellectuelle de l'auteur :

DYNAMIC ART est une marque déposée à l'INPI Paris sous le n° 04 3279288
adhérent de la Société des Auteurs Dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques sous le n° 1 007 270 (ADAGP)

Cell.: 339-5092244

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